Have you ever shown up to practice without a plan?
Do you feel like your program starts from scratch every year?
Do you wonder how to get the most out of your training?

The Only Online Lacrosse Training Program for
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Bring process to your game.

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The Laxceed Advantage

  • Players

    Laxceed provides you with a custom training plan that takes all of your coach’s feedback into account so you can take your game to the next level. Plus we offer FREE ONLINE CHALLENGE TRAINING so you can track your progress and see how you compare against other players across the country.

  • Coaches

    Want your team to end the season in a pile? Our extensive drill library, intuitive practice planning and easy player evaluations will give you, and your team, the competitive edge needed to succeed at the highest levels. These tools work together to take the grind out of managing a team so you can actually enjoy coaching players.

  • Programs

    New season, new coaches, new headaches. Our expert curriculums provide the foundation for your own repeatable process that is easy to deliver to every coach in your program.

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Laxced Advantage

Active Laxceed Users

Michelle Bradbury

Laxceed has been a great tool in helping us keep our curriculum organized across the age groups and makes the season-end evaluation process much better for the coaches.

Michelle Bradbury,Founder Stick2Stick Lacrosse
Tim Shea

Laxceed brings together every component and challenge in coaching to a single platform solution. This is the most comprehensive coaching, teaching and organizational tool I have ever seen. Coaches and players from beginners right up through the highest college ranks will love Laxceed.

Tim Shea,Coach Laxachusetts
John Wiseman

Laxceed has allowed us to really focus on our process and ensures that all our coaches know where we are going year in and year out.

John Wiseman,Head Coach Wilton High School



See how you stack up vs. players your own age.


Hundreds of drills with coaching tips and video.

Easy to use training plan available everyday.

Achieve personal goals while moving up the leaderboard.

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Laxceed plans available every day or create and save your own.

Create animations to make your coaching clear.

Easily give feedback to your players.

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Season Plans

Establish a lacrosse curriculum for your entire program.

Manage rosters, coaches and scheduling all in one place.

Make tryouts easy and objective.

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Free Online Challenge Training

Premium Training

$9/ Month
$99/12 Months
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  • Team Laxceed
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  • Access Curriculum,
  • Player Evaluation, Goal Card,
  • Access Animations,
  • Drill Library, Lacrosse IQ


Free 7 Day Trial

$9/ Month
$99/12 Months
  • Sponsored Players
  • $2 for 1 Month
  • $19 for 12 Months
  • Up to 20 Teams
  • 5 Users / Coaches per team
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • Access & Create Curriculum,
  • Player Evaluation, Goal Card,
  • Access & Create Animations,
  • Drill Library, Lacrosse IQ

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